Educational game "Journalist. A Mirror of a Region": Estonia

Schoolchildren from Baltic countries acquaint with youth work in Tallinn


On April 19th from 10 a.m to 7 p.m Tallinn Linnamäe Russian Lyceum and InternationalAssociationofExpertsinChildrenEducationonHighTechnologies(IAECEHT) organized a business game “Journalist. A mirror of the region”, which involved young participants from Latvia, Finland and Estonia.

“We are exploring the world around by giving students the chance to see the way of life in different countries. This time the children have the opportunity not only to try themselves as journalists, but to get acquainted with the youth work in Tallinn visiting some companies and museums,”says Mikhail Epstein, the IAECEHT expert and one of the project developers. ”The project is supported by the Nordic Council (in the frames of the “NordplusJunior”programme) and involves participants from Tallinn Linnamäe Russian Lyceum, Finnish-Russian school from Eastern Finland and Purvciema school from Riga, Latvia.

“Having organized a number of games in the recent years, we received a great deal of positive feedback. Young people learn about themselves, their peers and the area where they live,” says another IAECEHT expert Dmitry Vinogradov.

“One of the most exciting events that the game involves was the invitationfrom different organisations  like the School of Robotics and Lego Construction OGOGO, Tallinn City Museum, Estonian Historical Museum, Youth Work Centre and the Academy of Childhood.“

The headmaster of the lyceum mentions that “the participants have to work hard in order to take the interview with the representatives of the organisations, and prepare a complete reporting with the presentation, demonstration of photographs from the visited places.”

A press conference was held after the game: a creative director of the Centre of Informal Education “Game Club”AlekseiRazin gave a talk followed by a discussion.

“It is essential to give students an idea about the lives of their peers in different countries; to acquaint them with the diversity of professional world so they could make a sensible choice for their future careers. Besides, it is a great opportunity for collaboration and team work,” the headmaster of Tallinn Linnamäe Russian Lyceum concluded.